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One question:

with the release of the new Gaia data would it be possible for Celestia to the real, actual physical position of the stars? With that I mean not the position from which we receive the light they sent out a long time ago, but where they are now after moving through space.

Basically a position show of the milky way in faster then light view.

Of course there won't be enough data (yet, perhaps with next Gaia release) for all stars to plot where they are at this very moment in time. But perhaps we know enough to do that for a few stars.
Best would be if there were a few modes to that feature:
* Show the data as it is, with lightspeed delay, (nighttime position)
* Show were the star is at this current moment in time (FTL view). Perhaps with a median error assupmtion?
* Show both positions with a connecting line, with color gradient
* Show known nighttime position with a connecting line to assumed position with an error cone. In this position you can select the error factor yourself.

This might be quite enlightening also for the scientifc side in various ways. Give an understanding how vast things are and what effect time plays. Show what error margins can mean on large scales., ...

And of course it would be fun :mrgreen: ^^


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Gaia DR2 is a fearsome beast. The current code has no chance of handling that many stars, I've had some thoughts on how to implement something that will be able to handle it but haven't started anything concrete.

In any case, the stellar parameters contained in the release are not of great quality so I suspect that until Gaia DR3 comes out it would be best to focus on the HIP+TYC stars and some additional nearby systems. I'm hoping more cross-indices to things like WDS and the exoplanet host stars becomes available. (The exoplanet catalogues often seem to make Gaia data available without exposing the IDs, which is somewhat frustrating)

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