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 Post subject: Installing SPICE
PostPosted: Sat, 24-08-13, 7:37 GMT 
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Well i have been a firm believer in the old acronym RTFM
yes read the ... book... manual ... documentation ... and so on .

So to start
some background
" What is spice ?" ( everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask )

An overview
-- PDF WARNING ! -- ... erview.pdf

the Software that is required
( unsure about a windows celestia.sci ,but i am expecting that cspice will be built in as it is in the regular Celestia1.6.1.exe )

I no longer own a copy of MS's Visual studio , nor "own" a copy of win7
I will let that info and instructions for that program and OS be posted by people that ARE currently using a Microsoft OS .

But i suspect that most people that will be reading this will have access to a current install of a Linux Distro
I am a Linux person !

Celestia uses the "C" language SPICE
if you are comfortable in FORTRAN there is also a version for that and for IDL and Matlab ( or Octave)
but the C language version needs to be used
-- the Home page

the "c" language set of programs ,and the current version is N0065
--- FTP mirror ---

-- the documentation --

-- and some tutorials not needed to just build cspice and use it in celestia

-- the linux 64 bit ... 64bit.html ... pice.tar.Z

and PLEASE READ the readme file ... ges/README

a group of utilities not needed for celestia.sci but might come in handy , maybe.

as to installing and or building the source
these are binary prebuilt programs .But you can also rebuild the included source code
( see the included README file in the "cspice.tar.Z" )

some people like to install it to /usr/local ( the default Debian install and the default location )
or "/usr/opt" the location for LibreOffice and the somewhat default location for RPM based OS's

Me, i use a secondary directory tree that i keep all the software i build in
( it is on a different partition that the operating system )
but where ever you install it to, it's location and the location of the "exe" and "lib" folders need to be exported to the system
I add this to the " /ect/bashrc.local" ( or ~/.bashrc) and ldconf

set up your system according to your OS , I run OpenSUSE 13.2 and ScientificLinux 6.7 , they both share the same install of cspice
see your distributions support forum / Documentation for adding folders to the system $PATH
or LQ --

if it is installed correctly then all you need to do is as a normal ( NON root ) user is open a terminal and type in the name of one of the programs

and you should see the help menu
BRIEF -- Version 3.0.0, January 14, 2008 -- Toolkit Version N0064
   BRIEF is a command-line utility program that displays a summary for
   one or more binary SPK or binary PCK files. The program usage is:
      % brief [-options] file [file ...]
   The most useful options are shown below. For the complete set of
   options, run BRIEF with the -h option. The order of options is not
   significant. The case of option keys is significant: they must be
   lowercase as shown below.
      -c           display centers of motion/relative-to frames
      -t           display summary in a tabular format
      -a           treat all files as a single file
      -utc         display times in UTC calendar date format (needs LSK)
      -utcdoy      display times in UTC day-of-year format (needs LSK)
      -etsec       display times as ET seconds past J2000
   An LSK file must be provided on the command line to display times in
   UTC formats. FK file(s) must be provided on the command line to
   display names of any frames that are not built into the Toolkit.

With cspice installed it is time to build the celestia(.sci) source WITH spice support
there are many ways to do this

1)use qmake with the
2)or use autotools

I have used autotools for SO long that this is the normal default that i use
add the cspice option to the configure line
./configure --help

the build line i use as an example
./configure --prefix=/DATA/SUSE --with-lua --with-qt --with-cspice-dir=/DATA/cspice

A non default install location , "with-qt" is the qt4 GUI , and --with-cspice-dir -- the install location of cspice

for the file
it is a text file with cspice defined as being installed to "/usr/local/cspice/"
set that variable to YOUR install location
i do not use the Debian default /usr/local , but it is a perfectly ok and fine location IF it is in the system $PATH
in non Debian os's it is not normally defined by default
( for example RHEL7.1 , Fedora 22 BUT on OpenSUSE 13.2 it is )

 Post subject: Re: Installing SPICE
PostPosted: Sat, 07-09-13, 16:24 GMT 
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for your info: celestia.Sci builds the latest V.N0063/V.N0064 cspice toolkit versions:
EDIT: V.N0066

1) Linux: separate 32bit and 64bit versions
2) Windows: 32bit version
3) MACOSX 32bit/64bit versions

For Linux the source code has to be downloaded to /usr/local/cspice from the NAIF/NASA site
For Windows the cspice lib is included. For MacOsx it's built.


 Post subject: Re: Installing SPICE
PostPosted: Sat, 07-09-13, 18:03 GMT 
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Version of the N65 toolkit "should" be released ? sometime soon ?
3/7/13 - Because NAIF is well behind schedule for release of the N65 series of Toolkits, we did produce a version N64 Toolkit for PC/Linux 64-bit iFort: it may be obtained here:
---- note for those who do not know the below is a FORTRAN build -- ... t64.tar.gz

2/20/13 - (UPDATE) Progress towards release of the Version N65 Toolkit has ground to a halt. We had originally hoped to release N65 around April 2012. Now our guess is sometime during the Summer of 2013. Version N65 will contain some overall performance improvements (higher speed), additional geometry finder subsystem APIs, and a good deal more.

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