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Author:  John Van Vliet [ Fri, 06-09-13, 2:24 GMT ]
Post subject:  the planets

well i am a bit undecided so for now each planet is going to have a thread
the ssc works a LOT better if it is only ONE file and all the planets are in it

there is a read order that needs to be thought about
Linux OS's read a list of files in a specific order
( then add to that a bit of a BUG in celestia and ssc file names can get a bit complicated )
one would think it is
but that would be wrong
is the order for this list of 4

posting it this way will make Jupiter and Saturn LONG threads but , what the hay .

A few files are going to be needed
You already have the "de430.bsp" from the barycenter ... k/planets/
now the planets ( NOT MOONS ! ,some of them will need different files ) also have a "SpiceRotation"
this needs the rotation model "pck00010.tpc" and the LEAP SECOND file " "naif0011.tls"
-- pck00010.tpc --
the .tpc file is a text file and WORTH A READ !!!
things like the body radii are defined in it
-- naif0011.tls --

most of this is going to be repeated in the individual planet sections

the Google drive folder with each planet ssc
it is advisable to make just one large ' SolarSystem.SPICE.ssc ' file ... sp=sharing
---- warning ----
google keeps changing things
now any new file i upload is NOT readable online
so Cassini and Saturn ARE NOT readable you can ONLY download the ssc
-- i did NOT make any change to the settings

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