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Author:  John Van Vliet [ Tue, 22-10-13, 1:16 GMT ]
Post subject:  Neptune

--- Edit on 3 -30-2015
updated for the new leapsecond

BUT for some reason ( one that comes out of the SOUTH end of a North facing cow )
Google docs wants to server out MICROSOFT MS office ©™ *.DOCX ©™ formatted files
docx files have the VERY WRONG formatting to them and NEVER will work

Because of this the ssc files are NOW zipped

-- Google drive " Neptune.ssc" ... sp=sharing

Neptune , the last of the planets ( unless you are in the Pluto group )

by this time setting up the ssc's should be getting VERY monotonous , with all the moons
but the planets need to be in before a spacecraft can be added

A few more bsp's are needed but only one is new so if you have the old ones there is no need to redownload the OLD satellite bsp's ... atellites/
and the new one

Author:  ElChristou [ Tue, 22-10-13, 6:30 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Neptune

Your Larissa and Proteus seems to be fine models indeed! Apparently, full geometry, no normal maps to describe small features... What FPS do you get with them?

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Tue, 22-10-13, 7:28 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Neptune

no 4k normal's yet
the cmod binaries are only 8.4 meg
the 4k png texture is bigger

so there is no drop in framerate

the originals are the tab files in "EAR_A_5_DDR_STOOKE_SHAPE_MODELS_V1_0"

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Sat, 28-06-14, 0:21 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Neptune

just a very minor update to
mainly a repackaging of that kernel on the jpl site

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Thu, 26-07-18, 21:19 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Neptune

update the planet kernel to the new de438.bsp

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