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Author:  MonaLisa [ Mon, 05-11-07, 22:42 GMT ]
Post subject:  Image Upload rules

Rules for uploading images to the CM
We have installed a new feature that lets one add a picture to the post while writing. No need to use imageshack or other services anymore.

This function allows all registered users to:
• upload and insert a picture directly in a post
• manage previous / existing uploads from a gallery

To make this work, there must be a few rules, or our CM will be flooded with spam and whatnot, and our webspace will get eaten by advertising or worse.

The rules:
    To filter the spammers, this ability only becomes active after you have posted more than three times already in one of our forums.
    A picture must not be larger than 1600x1200 pixels. If it is larger than this, the system will automatically scale it down.
    A picture must not be more than 1 megabyte. If it is larger than this, the system will automatically compress it.
    A picture should be topical. We do not mind if you post something nice for us to see in the Lounge (say, like a nice photograph of your garden), but in general, please do not mis-use this ability.
    Any picture posted in a PM will be automatically deleted from the system in 30 days.
    Any picture posted in the forums will be automatically deleted in two years.
    Any picture may be deleted if the Admin (me) finds it is necessary for any reason.
    Any of the rules may change depending on our available webspace and how the users "behave" ;-)

If you have posted on the CM more than three times, you will find a new button in the Post New Topic / Reply or PM window from now on!


Author:  BobHegwood [ Mon, 05-11-07, 23:58 GMT ]
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Hey, thanks for the information here. That would certainly make it easier to express oneself when
problems occur too. Thanks very much, Bob

Author:  Ozark [ Tue, 06-11-07, 22:16 GMT ]
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Wow, That will certainly make things alot easier here Thanks! And great Job on the new look!


Author:  t00fri [ Thu, 05-05-11, 13:28 GMT ]
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I have successfully fixed the handy image upload ([Img]) feature for moderators AND normal users. It was broken after the ibiblio migration of their server infrastructure...


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