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Author:  John Van Vliet [ Sat, 10-01-15, 19:18 GMT ]
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the site is back on line
and so is the support forum ... /index.php

Author:  cartrite [ Wed, 14-01-15, 11:30 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re:

I was able to download the new version of Isis3 on Sunday. Then the data/base folder. After reading thru the install instructions at the Isis3 site, I noticed that the Data folder in now about 130 GB. :shock: . I decided to just try the data/mro folder since this is the primary mission I'll be using Isis3 for. At first, it went pretty quickly. About 500 or so files. Then it got to the big boys on the list. The ck kernels. After the connection was dropped about 50 times, I thought it was on my local end dropping it. It may have been. Not sure yet. Anyhow I added "--progress" to the rsync command. At that point, I realized that there were still another 1000 or so files to download yet. Wow. It would download about 3 files and stop. :( Didn't look there was any way of doing this.

Anyhow, it looks like my connection was too slow to use the main server. I used the slower server and it ran all last night. I still got another 800 or so files to download but it is not stopping now. On my end, the speed is about the same as with the faster server. I think they were trying to send data too quickly and dropping me because my connection wasn't quick enough, or my network was dropping the connection because it was overwhelmed. Thing is, most of the 130 GB data folder seems to be the mro folder. It still needs 800 or so files and it is already 55 GB. I'm using this command to download data folders now. This should probably take another couple of days.

rsync -azv --delete --progress --partial data/


Author:  John Van Vliet [ Wed, 14-01-15, 19:17 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re:

you can skip the mission kennels ( for some of the missions and only with most of the isis tools)

and use the remote option in "spiceinit" ( but the site MUST BE UP to use that option it is over http )
-- site back DOWN again

you HAVE to dl that "base" folder !!! that is 5.1 Gig

the mro folder is big, but it is only 99.5 Gig and not 150 gig
the spice kernels make up 99 of that 99.5 gig with the CK kernels 94.8 Gigs of that

Author:  cartrite [ Wed, 14-01-15, 19:41 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re:

I wasn't saying the mro folder was 130 GB. I was saying the the installation instruction page said the data folder was 130 GB. All missions. Anyhow, that is a lot. But I don't always have a good connection. That's why I'd like to get the kernels for the mro folder. For the rest of the folders I'm gonna use the --exclude kernels. That way, if I got a connection and their site is up, I'd be able to work on other missions too.

Right now, according to rsync, I have 749 files to download. Suse reports that the folder is 70 GB. I do have a lot of files in the spk folder because I used my old data/mro folder from the past. Probably 5 or 6 years since it was updated though.

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Fri, 16-01-15, 19:10 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re:

site back up
but the ftp pds archive mission pages are not

Author:  cartrite [ Sat, 17-01-15, 21:27 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re:

How big is this data folder with the kernels? It has gotta be a lot bigger than 130 GB. I finished mro. That's about a 100 GB. The lro folder is also huge with the kernels. The Install instruction page seems to say that when processing images there is no calibration possible with the web service. So that is why I've been downloading the kernels for at least those two folders. Some of the lro ck kernels are over a gb a piece. So far the lro folder is 60 GB. There is another 1172 files to go. x/

I did install the whole data folder on my pc and I used --exclude='kernels'. That took less than 2 hours.

Author:  cartrite [ Tue, 20-01-15, 20:17 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re:

FYI, As of today, 1/20/15, installing the base folder requires 5.1 GB. Installing the complete mro folder requires 102.1 GB. And installing the complete lro folder requires 122.1 GB. 229.3 for just those 3 folders with kernels. Wow. The actual Isis3 program files are 1.3 GB. That's about it for me. Gonna have to try the web service for the other missions.

I did run a Marci Image. Took a couple of screen shots from the finished cub file in qview.

test2.jpg [ 122.23 KiB | Viewed 4937 times ]

test3.jpg [ 103.29 KiB | Viewed 4937 times ]

With time, I should be able to map the entire planet.

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Sat, 24-01-15, 1:52 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re:

from ... 903.0.html

i am no expert on the marci pds data
but it was my impression that there IS some errors in the headers about if the space craft was moving
north to south
south to north

and that can cause some flipping of the images

Author:  cartrite [ Sat, 24-01-15, 16:46 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re:

I've noticed that. If you do the whole image, the autoflip seems to work. But if you crop the image before mapping, it is fubar. I cropped an image at line=2000 nlines=12000. It works with flip=no. But if you crop at line=3000 nlines=11000, you need to set flip=yes. So I opened an issue at the Isis forum but didn't get a reply yet.

PS My memory is not what it used to be but I could swear that a script that exhibits this problem used to work with an older version of isis.

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Tue, 27-01-15, 20:45 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re:

the ISIS team sent out notices today

ISIS users,

As you may know the ISIS websites for documentation and support were unavailable from December 2, 2014 to January 23, 2015. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and your teams. The sites were partially available on January 7, and are fully functional as of January 23.

The sites were taken down after an attempted malicious attack was discovered. The process for bringing them back on-line is a lengthy one involving rebuilding the servers and the content from unaffected sources and adhering to strict Department of the Interior procedures concerning their reactivation.

If you have any problems or questions please post to the support board.

The Isis Support Team. ... /index.php

i would bet it was 4-chan/anonymous script kiddies that only did a single word google search
-- and NO research on FALSE POSITIVES

Author:  cartrite [ Sun, 01-02-15, 2:14 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re:

snapshot1.jpg [ 94.73 KiB | Viewed 4803 times ]

As you can see from the above image, it starts as an ascending image and then goes to descending (or vi versa). I just don't where to crop it. Processing an image as posted can take over 2 hours. :wall: Gotta figure a better way. Note, I'm really only interested in the bottom part of the image. But if you try to crop out the top part, it creates all kind of problems.

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Sun, 01-02-15, 5:38 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re:

i might be wrong here but

you are using "crop" and then "cam2map "

what if you set the latitude in cam2map to the southern area say 45 N to -90South

crop has always given me problems

Author:  cartrite [ Sun, 01-02-15, 16:19 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re:

It doesn't seem to matter how I "crop an image". The data gets scrambled. For a given image, there is a specific way to do things. It can be done, but not on an automatic script. That is what I'm trying to do. For now, I got to look at each image and treat it separately. May take years. ;) . More then I got left. x/

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