LRO WAC Boyd/Robinson Reflectance (643nm)
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Author:  cartrite [ Tue, 02-02-16, 15:38 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: LRO WAC Boyd/Robinson Reflectance (643nm)

postmuch wrote:
cartrite wrote:
Some day I'll try to do all 3 bands mentioned with just calibrated data. My big question is, How did you process the 643 image? Are you part of the team at ASU? I would like to try and process all 3 bands the way you did the 643.

Sorry to disappoint, but I merely engineered WMS web queries to scrape the Boyd/Robinson map from the server. More a lucky find than anything, but I'm still puzzled as to why they didn't publish this map on the RDR page :?.

So, if I'm understanding you correctly, this is a full map on the server that is "hiding"? And the map was created by "Boyd/Robinson"? Not that accessible without considerable searching? I've created maps with thousands of files in the past. It will take a while, but I'm sure I can do it again. Just not sure I can come up with the math to do the correct processing for the 566 and 415 bands like the 643 map you posted. ;)

Author:  postmuch [ Tue, 02-02-16, 15:46 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: LRO WAC Boyd/Robinson Reflectance (643nm)

Yes, for whatever reason, they chose not to push the map to the RDR page.

I chose "Boyd/Robinson" as they were the two main contributors to the map, and to
separate it from the other regularly published maps.

And I assume you are processing the raw img files to include the poles as well? I hope to see the results of that endeavor :).

Author:  cartrite [ Tue, 02-02-16, 19:58 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: LRO WAC Boyd/Robinson Reflectance (643nm)

Well not yet. I was looking for a full size map. I just built the svn version of Celestia. I was using the Suse version through the Suse repositories. I also started to rewrite some of the programs I wrote to process Modis images. Then this thread caught my eye and I decided to play around with the moon. My laptop melted down a while back. I was able to back up most of my data but I put it on my PC. That is in a storage locker. I only got a little of what I had on this laptop I'm using now. I do too much moving around to deal with a PC right now. :(

One of the programs I wrote will produce the green and blue channels at a higher resolution if the red channel is the same. In other words, if there is a 100 meter red channel and and a 64 pixel per degree red channel along with 64p green and blue, this program will produce the green and blue at 100 meter that is a lot better then simply scaling them up. So that was what I was looking into. I do it with Modis images but they are only scaled up from 500 meter to 250 meter per pixel. A 86400x43200 to a 172800x86400. ;) That works pretty good. I wanted to see what would happen if I did it with the moon. To see how it works scaling that much.

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