LISM Multiband Imager FULL download list!
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Author:  postmuch [ Thu, 11-02-16, 3:42 GMT ]
Post subject:  LISM Multiband Imager FULL download list!

JAXA recently put up the Multiband Imager mosaic.
Resolution is 2048 pix/deg, 737280×368640 total size, 9 bands in 32bpc.
Total data density ~5.8 terabytes. Bands 3-2-1 are closest to natural color.
tx2pow2 would give a level 9 VT!

However, the ordering interface is slow and clunky, so I calculated download
addresses for all 64,800 tiles, divided into 32 regions arranged as such in this global image grid:

globalimagegrid.png [ 358.91 KiB | Viewed 2780 times ]

The mosaic is in 180° center longitude! VRTs will assemble "backwards"! (Terrain Camera DTM used as example, region A1)

mosaic_alignment.png [ 194.1 KiB | Viewed 2780 times ]

However, I've arranged the regions as if they were in 0° center longitude.
Each region is ~188 gigabytes, so beware if you're crazy enough to process this map!

Grab the list here!

Since I don't feel like downloading ~6 terabytes of data, I'll leave this up to you guys to play with.

Author:  dirkpitt [ Thu, 11-02-16, 11:58 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: LISM Multiband Imager FULL download list!

That's amazing, 2048 pixels/deg. I think that calculates to about 14m/pixel at the equator.
If we were able to download only 3 bands out of 9, that would be 1/3 the data or "only" 2 TB.

Author:  cartrite [ Thu, 11-02-16, 14:08 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: LISM Multiband Imager FULL download list!

What's amazing is:
When I started programming computers, the thing filled a room and we wrote programs on 80 character punch cards in COBOL or Fortran. And ten years later they came out with internet for the people and the top speed was 56k. Imagine that. Downloading a file at that speed, you could have a few kids and watch them grow up before it finished. ;)

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