qt5 question for cmodview
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Author:  John Van Vliet [ Tue, 29-08-17, 2:41 GMT ]
Post subject:  qt5 question for cmodview

first i think the answer is staring me in the face and just not seeing it

i have the svn code ported to eigen 3.3 and the current glew
and ported to qmake-qt5
see the git page


cmodview has glsl frag errors allover the place when qmake5 is used
the builds just fine with qt4

has anyone built it using qt5

Author:  t00fri [ Wed, 30-08-17, 8:53 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: qt5 question for cmodview

Hi John,

you reminded me that I have not yet ported the Cmodtools project to Qt 5.9.1 (our Qt default) in Linux. I need to urgently do some work here, too. A quick 64bit check with Qt5.9.1 under QtCreator 4.3.1 gives still many, but far fewer errors compared to your GIT code (that I quickly checked as well). But over here, we don't tolerate even warnings ;-)


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