Anyone an IPTC expert?
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Author:  chuft-captain [ Wed, 06-12-17, 7:47 GMT ]
Post subject:  Anyone an IPTC expert?

Anyone know how to batch edit IPTC metadata replacing all occurrences of a substring in a particular metadata field with another substring?
I have a folder of images whose metadata I want to edit on a selective pattern-matching basis.

eg. I might want to search for every occurrence of the string "Fred" in the Caption field, replacing it with "Jane".

So images with the following captions would be transformed like so:
Image 1: "This is Fred's dog" -> "This is Jane's dog"
Image 2: "This is Fred's cat" -> "This is Jane's cat"
Image 3: "This is Mary's dog" -> "This is Mary's dog"
Image 4: "This is Fred" -> "This is Jane"

Irfanview allows bulk changes to IPTC info, but is limited to "replacing" the entire field content, rather than a sub-string:
IrfanviewThumbsIPTC.jpg [ 84.33 KiB | Viewed 3154 times ]

You can enter a new caption:
"This is Jane's dog",
but every selected image's caption would be overwritten with that string:
Image 1: "This is Fred's dog" -> "This is Jane's dog"
Image 2: "This is Fred's cat" -> "This is Jane's dog"
Image 3: "This is Mary's dog" -> "This is Jane's dog"
Image 4: "This is Fred" -> "This is Jane's dog"

Not exactly what I had in mind.


Author:  Selden [ Wed, 06-12-17, 9:42 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone an IPTC expert?

I know that many different IPTC editors are available, but I have no experience with any of them. See ... ta_editors

ExifTool looks like it might do what you want. See
Although it's a command-line utility, several different GUIs are available for it.

Author:  chuft-captain [ Wed, 06-12-17, 14:05 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone an IPTC expert?

Thanks Selden,

(I'm quite comfortable with command-line.)

I've heard of ExifTool, but never used it. I think it has the reputation of being the "Mother of all EXIF tools", so if it can't be done in ExifTool I'd be very surprised. As this is just a one-off task I was hoping that I wouldn't have to learn yet another tool's syntax and methodology just for this one job, but it looks like I might just have to bite-the-bullet.

Essentially, I've got a lot of celURL's stored in the metadata of associated images, but as you know, each time you capture a celURL, it stores certain attributes of the celURL such as render-flags and label-flags as whatever they are set to at the time of capture, so you end up with a load of celURL's with various different flag settings.

So the idea is to apply consistent &rf and &lf settings across all these celURL's, so that my render settings are not constantly changing every time I click on a different celURL.

If I could edit them in Notepad++, I'd just use a very simple bit of regex, something like:
replace: &rf=[0-9]+
with: &rf=54167

and it would be done, and likewise for labelflags.
As good as Notepad++ is, sadly it does not edit IPTC data in images. (AFAIK :mrgreen: )

So, I think my options are:
1. Use EXIFTools to export IPTC data to some NP+ editable format, make the changes in NP+, then import the changed data back into the images with EXIFTools.
2. Do the regex substitutions directly using EXIFTools, which would negate the need for any fluffing around with exporting and importing.

I'm almost certain that EXIFTools will handle both approaches (option 2 being the preferred approach)... just a matter of getting my head around it's syntax and huge set of features.

Thanks for the recommendation...


PS. A quick google for "ExifTool regex" is showing some promising leads.... :D

Author:  chuft-captain [ Sun, 10-12-17, 2:28 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Anyone an IPTC expert?

exiftool.exe -P -overwrite_original -m -api "Filter=s/&rf=\d*/&rf=%num1%/;s/&lm=\d*/&lm=%num2%/" -tagsfromfile @ -iptc:SpecialInstructions %filespec%

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