Fun with WebGL and WebVR
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Author:  Celestial Phineas [ Sun, 01-07-18, 14:15 GMT ]
Post subject:  Fun with WebGL and WebVR

Hi all! Recently I was working on a few projects to build solar system simulations on web browsers, and I found that WebGL is indeed more powerfull than what I had ever imagined. It provides a similar API to modern OpenGL, and with the help of three.js, things are as easy as pie.

Here's my most recent demo, EarthVR. The Virtual Reality Earth on a web browser of your smart phone with realistic rendering (however mixed up with dirty hacks ;) ) and support of gamepad control. The coding stuff wasn't that hard, and it's amazing to find out that you can use a joystick to interact with the browser. WebVR polyfill makes it possible to work with the new WebVR spec without a special browser build. We simply need a Google Cardboard to enjoy the Virtual Reality experience everywhere.

Here to take a look at the WebVR demo. ;)


Looks like it's possible to have Celestia go full Web. A cross-platform, out-of-box WebApp can be fascinating.

Author:  ajtribick [ Thu, 05-07-18, 21:56 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Fun with WebGL and WebVR

I did explore converting Celestia to WebGL a while back, got as far as getting the renderer to run under OpenGL ES 2.0, which was already a substantial piece of work due to the age of the Celestia code (an awful lot of it uses immediate mode graphics). Even once I got the OpenGL ES 2.0 code to run, I was still using some legacy calls that are not supported in WebGL, so there would still have been a lot more work to be done!

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