LaTeX support?
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Author:  chuft-captain [ Thu, 06-12-18, 0:00 GMT ]
Post subject:  LaTeX support?

Just did a quick test: [tex] x= 1/2 [/tex]
... and it appears that latex is not enabled on this board ... has it ever been possible here?
At one point (many years ago) it was possible to use latex on the forum.

Is it possible here?


Author:  t00fri [ Thu, 06-12-18, 7:59 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: LaTeX support?

Hi CC,

I have asked the same question about a Latex activation many times, myself in the past.
Unfortunately, without success. Have a look here


I collected there various workarounds to benefit at least from pro-level formula display.
The official statement seems to be that a Latex implementation doesn't work well in recent phpBB forums.

ChrisL had found a Latex module that worked to some amount in for a while. But after some updating it never came back.


Author:  chuft-captain [ Thu, 06-12-18, 13:03 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: LaTeX support?

Thanks Fridger,

For my purposes the editor recommended by Hungry4Info in that thread should do the job.



PS: I expect you will recognize this formula ... (or at least it's form) ;-)

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