A project I began but never quite finished...
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Author:  PlutonianEmpire [ Sun, 05-10-14, 21:25 GMT ]
Post subject:  A project I began but never quite finished...

Back in 2012, I began a mostly speculative project in for Celestia 1.6.1 using Cham's wonderful sprites models. Using what limited knowledge I did have, at that time, about the formation of stars and binary stars, I decided to take advantage of 1.6.1's timeline features and the 4-Gigayear total time span provided by Celestia 1.6.1's internal clock, and built a speculative model of the formation of my favorite nearby binary, 8 Tri (HIP 10644). Naturally, due to limitations of Celestia, the project itself had limitations as well; the timeline features applied only to SSC files, so I couldn't, for example, represent eccentricity changes or SMA changes of the stars themselves. I also opted for a central black sphere meant to represent "empty" space for the beginning portions.

Anyways, I would like some feedback, as well as tips or advice I can use to improve upon, and hopefully ideas how I can finally finish this project. I've included the sprites models, with Cham's permision. The favorites.cel file is outdated; just hit "C" or "G" to get to the action. :)

And you might want a fast computer, the sprite count here is HIGH! ^^ ...

Author:  PlutonianEmpire [ Sun, 05-10-14, 22:57 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: A project I began but never quite finished...

A screenshot of the last bit before I stopped working on it, but I added the disk spiral sprites today to replace an older "billboard" model.


Image clickable. :)

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