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Author:  Duglis [ Fri, 27-05-16, 20:10 GMT ]
Post subject:  Methone

I don't know how I got this file, but it shows the moon, Methone. However, the image has parts of the asteroid image bulging out from the moon. Is there a way to fix that? The link is ... to download the file to put in extras.

be well!


Author:  Selden [ Sat, 28-05-16, 13:07 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Methone


What you've done is define an entirely new object which just happens to have the same name and be in the same location as one which already is defined by Celestia. Celestia is quite happy to draw them both.

If you want to replace Celestia's model by your own, you can prefix your SSC definition either by the keyword Modify, which replaces only those parts of the object's definition by those that you provide, or by the keyword Replace, which completely replaces the existing object definition. For example:
Replace "Methone:Saturn XXXII:2004 S 1" "Sol/Saturn" { ...your parameters here... }

If you're just trying to apply your texture to Celestia's model, Modify might be appropriate:
Modify "Methone:Saturn XXXII:2004 S 1" "Sol/Saturn" { Texture "methone.*" }

For details, see ... Directives

Your download does have an additional problem: it specifies the surface texture as "methone.jpg" but the surface texture images that you provided are all .png images. As a result, the object is drawn as a blank oblate spheroid. An appropriate solution to this bug would be to specify the surface texture as "methone.*" so that Celestia can use whatever image type it finds, so long as it's a format that it recognizes.

Edited to add: In this case Replace would be appropriate, since Methone is a very smooth, bright object. Celestia's randomly shaped blob is incorrect.

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Sun, 29-05-16, 3:20 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Methone

to add

the texture looks VERY ODD
and i have seen a lot of "odd" things , and this one is very odd
a screenshot of the "hires" image

and a tone stretch

also there is a problem of the lores , medres,and hires are ALL lowres 1024x512 images
this is not correct

Author:  Selden [ Sun, 29-05-16, 10:03 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Methone

It's obviously just someone's imaginary map.

There's almost no imagery of Methone. A partial map is available in both and ... s_2013.pdf

Author:  Duglis [ Sun, 29-05-16, 12:38 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Methone

Thank you regarding the jpg /png error.

The picture IS a re-imagining via some of the smooth pictures.

I have done the replace and also the modify commands and I still get the asteroid model sticking out of it instead of just the smooth egg-shaped object. Very odd.

Thanks all for your inputs thus far!


Author:  Selden [ Sun, 29-05-16, 13:23 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Methone

Alternatively, you can edit the copy of solarsys.ssc which is in the folder Celestia\data although that's not recommended if some other technique can be made to work.

Delete the definition of Methone that you find there.

Be sure to make a backup copy of solarsys.ssc, perhaps named solarsys.sscNO so you'll be able to restore it if you make a typo while editing it.

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