OsX installation of Fridger's tools
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Author:  ElChristou [ Wed, 06-08-08, 7:54 GMT ]
Post subject:  OsX installation of Fridger's tools

Well, as I had some problems installing the tools on the config I'm using right now (the command "make" for x reason was not available) here a way to use the binaries for osX that you can find inside the packages.

First you need to unveil invisible files. Perso I use a little tool called "Invisibility Toggler".

Once all files are visible, go to your main volume/usr/bin and copy the tools into this folder (you will need administrator rights to do this).

Toggle invisibility back and you are ready.

To verify all is ok, open terminal and type any of the tools name, for example "tx2pow2", hit return and you should see a feedback with the description and usage of the tool. If it's the case you are ready to process the raw files. BTW, those files need to be at your root folder else the Terminal will tell you such file don't exist.

Hope this will help the noob inside you! :mrgreen:

Author:  BobHegwood [ Wed, 06-08-08, 14:14 GMT ]
Post subject: 

Hope you can get this figured out for Mac users here Christophe.
Great idea... Anything I can do, just let me know. Thanks, Brain-Dead :wink:

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