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Author:  bh [ Thu, 26-06-08, 22:26 GMT ]
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Hey Frank... perhaps you could post a set of 'from start to finish' instructions for OSX?

Author:  fenerit [ Wed, 30-06-10, 22:16 GMT ]
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Just my trick 'n track with the fabulouses F-TexTools:




From 16k texture. This is quite a bit an ambitiotus project, since is my intention to (geo)map the entire world. I've all the SHPs. I'm lacking of the west Mexico, though; and the Canada is in low resolution. Maybe for this latter I've found a Canadian site in which there is a more detailed shapes, but for the former I'm still searching.

For making maps from the SHPs I use Mapwindow:

a free open source software with lots' of functionality. Unfortunately it got maps up to 8192x4096 and not beyond. Thus, my methodology is that of spit in 4 part the reference long/lat grid and to clip the relevant parts of the world to them. The 4 x 8k are then antialiases and merged into 16k with GIMP and then processed with the F-TexTools at level4 (I'm experimenting a bit around). No problems at pole.
If Fridger, John and Steve knows hidden problems or tricks for such a mapping, I'm happy to learn more. 8)

Author:  t00fri [ Thu, 01-07-10, 9:01 GMT ]
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This looks like a great application. In order to be most useful, it indeed requires high resolution and thus my VT tiling tool (txtiles) should be ideal. I am sure you know how to use png input files (via png2bin). I have never used Mapwindow.

Good luck,

Author:  fenerit [ Sun, 11-07-10, 14:41 GMT ]
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Just FYI, I found that with such plain colors, in order to avoid the blurrish behaviour between Celestia's switching levels, is best to assign in the .ctx, as tilesize, 128 instead of "common" 512 got by default. (for best explain: the tilesize texture are 512x512 but in the .ctx is specify 128, this avoid the blurrish).

The final texture will be hosted not subdivided in levels, of course; like Fridger wish. :wink:

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