Modify Stellar Textures
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Author:  roninwolf1981 [ Fri, 05-06-15, 1:50 GMT ]
Post subject:  Modify Stellar Textures

Lurking about The Celestia Motherlode, I've come across stellar texture files. However, as I attempted to replace the texture files with the new ones, I've noticed that a few textures were not initially present on my version of Celestia: F-Star, K-Star and O-Star. Now that the missing texture files have been added, the changes have not been implemented. I am assuming that there is a file that assigns texture files to stellar spectral classes. Which file is this, how would I open this file and what sort of syntax am I to expect when accessing this file?

*edit 06 Jun 2015*
Disregard my request for assistance; the instructions were to open celestia.cfg as a notepad file and edit the information there. Thank you all.

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Sat, 20-06-15, 21:57 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Modify Stellar Textures

if you want i have posted some black and white images on a different thread

feel free to use them if you want

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