Black Hole Visualization
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Author:  t00fri [ Tue, 22-03-11, 13:45 GMT ]
Post subject:  Black Hole Visualization

A scientific level simulation of the various distortions in the stellar sky effected by a Black Hole has been coded by Thomas Müller/Daniel Weiskopf@ Institut für Visualisierung und Interaktive Systeme Stuttgart/Germany.

The underlying scientific publication is here:
T. Müller, D. Weiskopf, Distortion of the stellar sky by a Schwarzschild black hole,
American Journal of Physics 78, 204-214 (2010).
DOI: 10.1119/1.3258282

The corresponding openSource program is in C++, using openGL for the 3D renderings.

The code may be downloaded for Linux and for Windows
from Thomas Müller's above homepage.

Here are thre great videos (.MP4) from the simulation that provide a strikingly good visualization of the strange distortion phenomena in different configurations of the observer relative to the Black Hole:

1) Free fall starting with zero velocity from rObs/rs = 5.0 (7.4MB) ... 00x600.mp4

2) The observer quasistatically approaches the black hole. (6 mb) ... 00x600.mp4

3) The observer is rotating around the Schwarzschild black hole on the fixed radius rObs/rs = 5.0 (15 mb) ... 00x600.mp4

Since the format size is large (1200 x600) you might want to first download the videos locally before playing them. I can get a very smooth display online using the vlc (cross-platform) player.


Author:  ElChristou [ Tue, 22-03-11, 16:37 GMT ]
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Stunning! Any application of this code for Celestia? Euhh... Is Celestia still alive btw?

Author:  t00fri [ Tue, 22-03-11, 17:45 GMT ]
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ElChristou wrote:
Stunning! Any application of this code for Celestia? Euhh... Is Celestia still alive btw?

Yes, indeed. It's not only nice it's also correct ;-) I am certainly planning to include BH visualization into Celestia.Sci. While there are BH add-ons (Cham) already, the proper distortions of space-time cannot be implemented at the add-on level.


Author:  cassy25 [ Thu, 21-04-11, 4:19 GMT ]
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Thank you for sharing. Watching the videos now.

Author:  Celestial Phineas [ Sun, 30-03-14, 11:00 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Black Hole Visualization

Sounds like fun. Expecting...

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