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Author:  John Van Vliet [ Sat, 16-01-10, 21:59 GMT ]
Post subject:  moon

seeing as there have been no new posts here ( except for snow and a scale model and a pic of the sun in swis. )

A bit back i posted a 16k remaped moon map

still working on the 32k map so stay tuned " to the same bat channel at the same bat time"...

with my old system i had to cut the remap and .net into 150 deg chunks ( 3 120 with 30 deg overlap) otherwise i through a mem allocation error .
the first run was done on the 32k with 300 points in the net ) but the second pass with 900 points gave me an error so...

I am in the process of rewriting the .net files and am about half done in this .

Author:  BobHegwood [ Sun, 17-01-10, 11:42 GMT ]
Post subject: 

Well, keep up the good work there, John...
I, for one, will be waiting with great anticipation. :wink:

Thanks, Brain-Dead

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Fri, 22-01-10, 22:25 GMT ]
Post subject:  re

an update

i found that there is a 560 point max in a control net on my 1 gig ram box
that was causing isis to through a allocation error .
The 3 nets for the 32k map are done and i have ran it in the first of the 5 layers . ( this takes about 2 hours on each layer for the script to run . )

then i will need to remap the 60n/s to 90 n/s to polar to check on how these look .the two poles are a bit hard to judge in Simple-cylindrical

but it is getting there .

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Wed, 03-03-10, 3:55 GMT ]
Post subject:  re

an update
and as they upload the 4 NW,NE,SW,and SE parts
all are 16384x8192.v ( vips format )
use nip gui or as raw with a 64 bit header

NE.v.bz2 - 138.0 MB
NW.v.bz2 - 134.1 MB
SE.v.bz2 - 129.4 MB
SW.v.bz2 - 138.2 MB

Author:  t00fri [ Wed, 03-03-10, 10:37 GMT ]
Post subject: 

Great to see your Moon progressing, John!

at least the nasty fat black stripes are gone already. By what did you replace them? Some extended texture patches from nearby?


Author:  John Van Vliet [ Wed, 03-03-10, 18:28 GMT ]
Post subject:  re

in some of the blocks there was a green or red or blue that i was able to use for the rgb image .remember this image

but the small black were inpainted using the surrounding image .
The LARGE areas were filled with a 32k "bump/embossed " image from the height map ( LALT_GGT_MAP.IMG)

i still need to work on the poles but it is getting there

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Fri, 05-03-10, 23:45 GMT ]
Post subject:  re

just watch the lro data from the lola will not match the Kaguya data , and i will have to do this again . ... efault.htm
but at least the cleaning up will not have to be redone

and a before and after "ui59n202.img"
pds2isis > explode > map2map >isis2std > rgb.png for ui59n202.img

Image Image

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