MSL image collection
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Author:  John Van Vliet [ Mon, 27-08-12, 5:41 GMT ]
Post subject:  MSL image collection

--- edit ---
for any interested
a picasa album
of MSL images ... orProcesed
--- same as in a lower post ---

lets see if we can start getting postings here
This forum is getting a bit stale

so start it off with a De-Bayered MastCam image
( repost of a other post , but hay it is only the first post )


the original is here ( sol-17) ... _DXXX&s=17

one more
ok people , time to add images

Author:  ElChristou [ Mon, 27-08-12, 10:34 GMT ]
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Tx John!

What about the upper part of the second shot? CCD pixels?

Author:  Selden [ Mon, 27-08-12, 18:50 GMT ]
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The problem is a side effect of the original black-and-white images being uploaded in jpeg format by JPL. A detailed description of the problem is available on the Planetary Society's Web site at ... bayer.html

I think Emily's blog at provides one of the best summaries of ongoing planetary studies.

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Tue, 28-08-12, 7:16 GMT ]
Post subject:  re

mostly solved the "blotchyness"

compare these to the first post
( and these are NOT the RAW pds images BUT the jpg's )

Image Image Image Image

What about the upper part of the second shot? CCD pixels?

i was not about to go on a jpg rant here.
but it is do to the artifacts
compare it to the above image
the second in the first and the first in this one

getting better
part1 preview of the sol 19 mosaic

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Wed, 05-09-12, 0:04 GMT ]
Post subject:  re

for any interested
a picasa album
of MSL images ... orProcesed

so far SOL3 to 23
-- edit SOL 24
but the jpg data release is ... shall we say " fun"

Author:  t00fri [ Thu, 06-09-12, 7:30 GMT ]
Post subject: 


this thread with MSL images is a excellent idea! Certainly a great relief given the StarTrek "inundation" elsewhere ;-)

I understand that you (and/or people from UMSF) have color processed all or a large fraction of the displayed MSL images?
Are these all reconstructed from MastCam imaging or also from conventional combination of filtered BW images? Further info would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, its a most interesting project in my view.


Author:  John Van Vliet [ Thu, 06-09-12, 8:28 GMT ]
Post subject:  re

umsf and me are not getting along to well these days

The images are from the color mastcam
However i can colorize the navcam images but NOT in "true color" .

I am working on are the B&W Bayer encoded images as they are posted

as i have mentioned before they are jpg'ed bayer encoding .That causes some "issues" .
Fixable ( mostly) issues but they are "fun"

As for the images done by JPL I figure that the jpl site has them already , no need for dups

Unfortunately some of the mosaics are a bit TOO BIG for Picasa .
so some of the mastcam images are part of BIG mosaics that i will need to shrink first

the SOL23 mosaic ... 6040189218
is a very LONG and thin image, the above is only 1/3 of it .

this one - the FAR RIGHT part ... 3552500434
is only a small part of the SOL19
this is ONLY 8 tiles of the 56 in the mosaic

The color is a bit green JPL has YET to post a bayer encoded image of the " sun dial"
yes just as Sprite and Opportunity had so dose Curiosity

However with the dust in the air the yellow/green tint might be close to true

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Wed, 12-09-12, 4:55 GMT ]
Post subject:  re

just an update
i nice image of Pumice

The FULL size is on the picasa page

and just the one tile

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Wed, 26-09-12, 9:17 GMT ]
Post subject:  re

the rock "Jake Matijevic"
is now posted on picasa
it is a 4 pic mosaic

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