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Author:  abramson [ Fri, 08-03-13, 23:21 GMT ]
Post subject:  GRAIL

Has anybody got their hands on some of the GRAIL maps of the gravity of the Moon? The only thing I could get was a kind of newspress item, low resolution, imperfect alignment. Nice and promising, though. There are a couple of nice papers on GRAIL last month in Science.



Author:  t00fri [ Sat, 09-03-13, 14:53 GMT ]
Post subject: 

It is clearly an interesting venture. Unfortunately I don't have more material than what is available from the obvious sources. Here is a rotating version of GRAIL's gravity map of the Moon: ... 21205.html

The abundance of gravitational features is impressive, indeed.


Author:  John Van Vliet [ Mon, 11-03-13, 23:53 GMT ]
Post subject:  re ... models.htm

says data will be released in
Oct. 2013

but /LGRS CDR is at ... efault.htm
The description of the data ...

a) ... /level_1a/
b) ... /level_1b/

the level 1 processed data

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