Celestia plug-in: Ephemerides
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Author:  fenerit [ Thu, 25-02-16, 0:45 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Celestia plug-in: Ephemerides

Ephemerides 3.6 (Vintage version) Service Pack 1.2

- The same as above plus the correction for the parallactic angle

I apologize for these, but I'm in a hurry with messy things and I do not have the required mental concentration.

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still ephemCoords.lua

Author:  fenerit [ Fri, 13-05-16, 0:07 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Celestia plug-in: Ephemerides

Ephemerides 3.7 (Vintage)

- bug in marker behaviour outside the solar system;
- elevation parallax;
- switch from TDB to UTC realtime systemclock to TDB to UTC simulation also when fast/slow forward/backward buttons/keys are pressed;
this beaviour is standalone, the changing in the time-span setting will not be written on disk.

- substituted the elevation to the power with multiplication;
- Espenak - Meeus (canon) algorithms for the Delta T;
- minor cosmetics;

- basically, the bulletins no longer needs to be set and such menu items could be removed in the next versions.
- returning to realtime (1) will restore TDB to UTC systemclock. Therefore the running times will not be those of the displaced objects.
You must reset the current object's positions by pressing the default current time Celestia's button.
If all this seem a bit messy, you must remember that Celestia's systemclock time is still TDB.

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Settings files are unchanged. You can hold your settings by tell the unpacker to skip:

Author:  fenerit [ Fri, 27-05-16, 12:04 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Celestia plug-in: Ephemerides


Due to my oblivion, I've forgot to add the correctly revised Dutch language. Thanks to Marco Klunder to have pointed out that. Below the NL language for 3.7 version.
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Author:  fenerit [ Sat, 24-09-16, 19:16 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Celestia plug-in: Ephemerides

Ephemerides 3.7 (Vintage version) Service Pack 1.0

- fix elongation orientation in printed output;
- minor cosmetics within "ephemPrint.lua";

- updated Free Core Nutation empirical model at July 01 2016. The new table of the yearly amplitudes has been completely revised "due a complete reanalysis after changing the IERS combination strategy" (cit.) and the values are no longer those written within the plug-in up to version 3.7;

- day-current lunar phase is now caught through the relations among elongation/pos.angle of bright limb/illuminated fraction and no longer through the fixed lunar day values.

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five files, no user settings/customizations/languages are changed: unpack inside the ephemerides folder and overwrite. Backup of the former files is left to the user.

Author:  fenerit [ Sun, 26-02-17, 15:30 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Celestia plug-in: Ephemerides

Ephemerides 3.7 (Vintage version) Service Pack 2.0

- habitable zones: fix a typo which crashed plugin whether a planet was within the "runaway greenhouse" zone.

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(1 file)

Author:  fenerit [ Mon, 11-09-17, 19:56 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Celestia plug-in: Ephemerides

Ephemerides 3.7 (Vintage version) Service Pack 3.0

- Updated the Free Core Nutation model to the latest data table;
- Updated the predictions' coefficients of the Earth Orientation Parameters (Bulletin A) at 7 Sep. 2017.

- A Perl script is included to DIY (do-it-yourself) the "epemFCN.lua" table updated from the latest FCN model update (once a year on 1 July). Follows the instruction within the script.
- Prediction coefficients needs the new values of -37 sec. and 0.3 sec. for the UTC-TAI and DUT1 respectively (to set with the interface's arrows).

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3 files:
- "ephemFCN.lua"
- "ephemPolar.lua"
- ""
Backup the previous files, unpack inside the main Ephemerides folder and overwrite.

Author:  fenerit [ Mon, 07-01-19, 20:43 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Celestia plug-in: Ephemerides

Ephemerides 3.7 (Vintage version) Service Pack 4.0

- fix a missing separator within Sol data;
- fix languages label "Gy" to "Ga" for giga years unit;
- updated x,y and dtu predictions;
- add the dew point output from RH and Temperature settings;
- add the black-body density peaks per unit of wavelength and unit of frequency to Sol and stars;

- FR and NL languages needs to translate the new labels from English;
- the dew point temperature is standalone and doesn't write on file being derived by data already present. It is displayed on the "home" menu only.
- black-body radiation density peaks are computed by using the Wien's displacement law. Peak frequency and peak wavelength are not reciprocally connected through the speed of light. Their mutual values connected by the speed of light are shown between brackets. These are peaks of density functions computed by different parametrizations of the Wien's law derived from the Planck's density functions. Very naively - XIX century speaking - the peak wavelength mean where you "see" the light, while the peak frequency mean where you "feel" the heat. If the stars' temperatures in Celestia are wrong, those values are wrong too.

sol_bb.png [ 686.99 KiB | Viewed 3621 times ]

In the screenshot above the Sun's energy density peaks at visible greenish wavelength, while its frequency peaks within the IR spectrum (the relevant wavelength is longer than the peak wavelength).

4 files and languages. Unzip in "..\extras\" folder and overwrite or do drag-n-drop by yourself.
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Author:  fenerit [ Wed, 30-01-19, 20:56 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Celestia plug-in: Ephemerides

Ephemerides 3.7 (Vintage version) Service Pack 5.0

- set the atmospheric extinction to "n.a." when the Sun is up;
- renamed function's label EPHEM_STAR_WAVELENGHT"(sic!) to "EPHEM_STAR_SPECTRUM" in "ephemDSO.lua";
- up to date translation of Dutch language thanks to Marco Klunder; FR language need to translate the new labels;

- verbose phases for Mercury and Venus. Same terminology for the Moon; conform changes within FR and IT languages translations.
- absolute magnitude to globular clusters and galaxies;
- distance modulus to stars (not the Sun), globular clusters and galaxies;
- surface brightness to galaxies.

- open clusters and nebulae will display the distance modulus just in case of a selectable billboards/sprites. No absolute magnitude nor surface brightness.
- distance modulus and surface brightness (SB) are computed "as it is", through galaxies' apparent magnitudes and apparent diameters, they doesn't make use of all photometric "power law" artillery, comoving distances or cosmological redshift, reddening and MW dust corrections, galaxies' inclination/axial sizes, face-on/edge-on isophotes, climate change, crossdown traffic and winter flu. So take it cum grano salis.
- Marco Klunder is not responsible for my attempt to "speak" Dutch; some NL retouches has been made by myself, he was unaware of the new labels.

6 files and languages. Unzip in "..\extras\" folder and overwrite or do drag-n-drop by yourself. Settings are unchanged.
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"ephemSolar.lua" within the pack is a refuse, you don't need it.

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