Celestia plug-in: Distance calculator
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Author:  fenerit [ Mon, 08-04-13, 0:25 GMT ]
Post subject:  Celestia plug-in: Distance calculator

Distance calculator plugin


Distance calculator plugin. For lua_plugins and lua_edu_tools. Tool for measuring planetary and stellar surface distances. It works also for fictionals. It use the cartesian method "from cord lenght" and does account for proper planetary/stellar radii. It doesn't work for deepsky objects . In the image above the display shows the measurement of such big Phobos crater (about 6 km of diameter). Customizations (from km to miles, colors, translations, etc.) are within its configuration file. The plugin does make use of an experimental method developed by Jogad to set the start marker points also for locations not included within proper .SSC locations files; in short for whatever point on the object.

Usage: do load the plugin with key "D" (shift+d, userdefined), then do choose a point of interest, click on the icon and right toggle the object. The distance amongst point click and where one goes when toggling is displayed. Another click and the distance will be reset to zero and calculate from where one was arrived and the next toggled direction, and so on.

To Jogad, for having made fully functional this plugin throughout its development.

Distance calculator 1.2

Note: this version is the latest version of this plugin and it is intended to be the start version for CM. Respect to the 1.1 version now removed from, it must be considered a bug fix and enhanced version. The label has now a background color and therefore the phase angle colors' switch has been removed.

Author:  t00fri [ Mon, 08-04-13, 9:43 GMT ]
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Great, Massimo,

I am really happy that we are getting now here some high-level LUA scripting applications. These applications will also work with celestia.Sci, of which people will see a lot more in the very near future now... I am already preparing for a new dedicated celestia.Sci Development forum within the CM forum site.

If I don't find a solution for your plugin uploads at CM, I am going to ask Runar for help.


Author:  fenerit [ Mon, 08-04-13, 10:05 GMT ]
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Thanks, Fridger. Feel free to move these threads where you find more appropriate, of course.

Author:  ElChristou [ Mon, 08-04-13, 10:35 GMT ]
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Pretty neat work with these two Lua add-ons, good job!
BTW, is our friend Vincent still working on his edu-tools?

Author:  Cham [ Mon, 08-04-13, 12:37 GMT ]
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Unfortunately, Vincent isn't with us since a pretty long time now. I'm unable to reach him and I don't know what happened to him.

Author:  fenerit [ Tue, 28-05-13, 17:52 GMT ]
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Hi there! I've been out for a while and I found a PM from PlutonianEmpire warning me about the wrong download link of this plugin. I do not what unreckoned mistake I must have done within the repository, but now the link is correct. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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