Map of Ariel
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Author:  John Van Vliet [ Mon, 18-02-19, 17:35 GMT ]
Post subject:  Map of Ariel

I went back to the Voyager2 images and redid Uranus's moon Ariel

4k maps
Ariel.png [ 1.06 MiB | Viewed 2285 times ]

and inpainted
Ariel.1.png [ 1.82 MiB | Viewed 2285 times ]

Voyager only looked at the southpole area
PS .
Mapped 0 to 360 !!!!!!

Author:  t00fri [ Tue, 19-02-19, 13:34 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Map of Ariel

Many thanks, John.

May I suggest that we collect here some links for the best (yet not necessarily most complete) official textures of the major Uranus moons. This would provide a well-defined start. I did not find any official (rectangular) mosaic mappings though, but enough info to make these from existing spherical maps. Also, some of your textures appear extremely dark on my screens with "natural" brightness settings.

I do have some 1k rectangular mosaics in my collection including colors, but --helas-- without references. Like this one:
ariel.jpg [ 59.12 KiB | Viewed 2273 times ]

or this one
miranda.jpg [ 113.84 KiB | Viewed 2273 times ]

Steve Albers does have rectangular sets:
e.g. ... yl_www.jpg
but as you emphasized above, it's just "half the story".


Author:  John Van Vliet [ Tue, 19-02-19, 16:56 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Map of Ariel

Ariel is a bit dark

i still have to find low res ( blue , green , orange ) images and make a artificial red ,to color all of the maps

a 2k colorized map ( -180 to +180 )
2k.Ariel.rgb.180.png [ 2.04 MiB | Viewed 2253 times ]

i did NOT try to blend the inpainted area with the real data

Author:  John Van Vliet [ Mon, 25-02-19, 3:53 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: Map of Ariel

a different inpainted version that is blended
mapped 0 to 360
Ariel.2.png [ 1.96 MiB | Viewed 2229 times ]

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